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Great quiet toddler entertainment
"Buckle Whale has been a great toy to bring to church, restaurants, car trips, etc. Anywhere my toddler has to sit still. She loves doing up all the buckles and switching around the ones that are the same type of buckle. Also, you can hide little toys in the whale's mouth. Zipper is long and easy to open and close."
Laura Nelson
Best travel toy ever for toddler
"I travel pretty frequently with my kids (ages 1.5 and 4.5) and I am always on the lookout for good, portable distractions. In advance of a transatlantic plane flight, I got this for my toddler, who had just learned to say the word "buckle." It was the BEST THING EVER. Her eyes lit up when she saw it. Over the course of a 1-week trip, she went from being able to fasten only one of the three styles of buckle to being able to do all three, and clearly that increase in mastery was delightful to her. She definitely did not tire of it after playing with it every day on the trip, in restaurants as well as on planes, trains, and buses. Also, I hid a Fisher Price Little People figure in the whale's zipper mouth and she loved that too. I chose the whale out of all the Buckle Toy models because I thought it was cutest, but a side benefit is that it functioned as a travel pillow for my older child at one point--it was just the right size to wedge between her head and the plane window. Overall, a fantastic toy and a great value."
Ann Marian
So cute I bought two!
"Adorable and educational! I purchased two of these, Blizzard the penguin and Barkley the dog. I was actually going to give this one as a gift but after my 2 year old son saw that there was another one, he couldn't wait to get his hand on it! The buckles are the perfect size for little hands and are a great way to promote development of fine motor skills. When all of the buckles are opened the numbers 1-10 are revealed on the belly. There are also small pictures and a zipper on the back. An excellent learning toy for a busy little toddler!"
Linda W
Toddler entertainment success!!
"My daughter is almost 21 months and loves buckles! This toy just arrived and she has been playing with it for over thirty minutes! In toddler world, that is a definite success:)...possibly a world record for playing with one toy continuously!"
A great toy for the toddler who loves to buckle!
"I bought this for 2 different toddlers. They both loved it. They both buckled and then I unbuckled over and over. Perfect for toddlers who love to buckle. Both are matching their colors. Perfect toy for the toddler who loves to buckle. I like the fact they are strengthening their fine motor skills. The zipper pocket is perfect for a little treasure."
Joe R
Fantastic quality fun toy
"I must say the quality of the product is amazing :smiley: you can tell a lot of work has gone in to it. The stitching is fantastic the quality of the buckle is great the look really sturdy and strong There is also a clip so you can clip to high chair to save it falling off high chair. There is so many bright vibrant colors on the buckles as well as numbers so child can play with the lion as well as learn off the lion and store their favorite possessions inside the lion and secure with the zipper"
Rachel McMillan
This is the greatest toy ever for little ones obsessed with buckles
"This is the greatest toy ever for little ones obsessed with buckles. My 2 yr. old granddaughter can spend an hour just buckling and unbuckling the many straps on this lion. She also thinks it's a purse since it has a strap and zipper compartment. It is very well made and so soft she could use it as a pillow. Confident this will keep her occupied on our 4 hour plane ride in a few weeks."
Laura M
Bizzy is the Boss
"This arrived yesterday. After opening it for my 17 month old, I used the bathroom. And washed my hands. By myself. Then I got dinner ready. She played with it the entire time and loved it. If that doesn't sell you on this toy, I don't know what will. Some of the buckles are too difficult for this age/stage of fine motor development, and little ones will need some help to undo the buckles so they are ready to go for another round, but I see that as a good thing because it challenges them and means they won't get bored with it as quickly as if they could master each part right away. Bizzy also has some cute flaps on one side with numbers on the flap and animals underneath. It's very soft and colorful. Overall a great buy so far."
Nicole Farhat
It has been a great distraction in restaurants
"We can hand this to our daughter and she is entertained for hundreds of miles on car trips. It has been a great distraction in restaurants and even just sitting in our living room together. Wonderful alternative to electronic distractions that enhances her motor skills and really challenges her on colors, matching and animals."
Megan Thorpe
Perfect quiet toy for my busy autistic preschooler!
"It's hard to find "quiet" toys to occupy our autistic son in places where he can't bring his battery operated noisy toys (like church). This was a big hit with him as he loves buckling and unbuckling his car seat straps and other buckles and clips. It's soft and safe, colorful and cute. The back has cute little velcro flaps with numbers and animals underneath each one. It's super easy to pack in a diaper bag and is quiet and keeps little hands busy! We bought this for him when he was 2 and he still plays with it at nearly 4. I also love toys that don't come apart with pieces that can be thrown all over the place or lost. Whoever came up with this toy is brilliant (must be a mom) and has my sincere thanks!"
Renee Styles
Calms a cranky toddler
"Amazing toy! My 20 month old lights up when he sees this. He's gotten his skin stuck on regular functioning buckles (high chair, etc), but the buckles on this toy are soft and have not caught his skin. he plays with this for a good 5-10 minutes at a time, several times a day. I hide it in the backpack and pull this out when he's cranky in the car and it is a lifesaver. Such a good buy - I am seriously considering buying another version"
Marsha M
Keeps our kids busy for hours!!
"This toy immediately became our "can't live without it" toy. Our kids love manipulating objects and playing with buckles, so this guy has proven to be amazingly entertaining! Since it's so small and easily clips onto the diaper bag, not only has this toy kept our kids busy for hours in the car, but also in waiting rooms, restaurants, and any other place that we need a small and quiet activity. We recently took it on a 5,000 mile road trip, and literally kept our kids busy in the car for hours. They never seemed to get sick of it! I can't remember how we survived before our buckle toys!"
In for the long haul!
"Bought this for my 2 year old as we had a 22hr plane journey to endure, and long story short, it kept him entertained on and off the plane. The buckles are good to attach to stroller or backpack easily too. Job done!"
17 month old LOVES it
"My 17 month old tries to unbuckle everything, her high chair, her car seat, my shirts, her shirts, people's purses...the list goes on and on. This turtle is great for her to practice those fine motor skills. The turtle is a good size for bringing places, in the car, to church and restaurants. It also is quiet so it is a great toy for church and other places I do not want electronic toys. The toy is bright and very plush. She loves giving her turtle hugs. A great educational toy."
One of the best toys we've found yet!
"Amazingly fun and keeps my toddler entertained for much longer than I expected! This was purchased based on recommendations from other buyers and it's been a great purchase! My little one still can't work the buckles, but they have lots of fun trying!"
Aunt Schnickelfritz
It's a hit
"My 22 month old is fascinated by this toy. He plays with it for several minutes through the day including keeping him entertained on car trips."
Great Product!
"We bought Belle for our daughter after we saw how much she loved Bentley. This is our go to toy for birthday parties!"
Great Product!
"I bought Bentley for my daughter last year when she took a liking to buckles. She loved him so much, we ordered Belle the turtle for Christmas. Both are loved very much and are taken everywhere!"
The buckles are perfect for
"The buckles are perfect for my 16 month old and she loves it. It is bigger than expected and holds a few toys as well so it is great in the car and traveling."
Kayla Lefler
Awesome Toy!
"My 2 year old daughter loves Buddy! She takes is everywhere with her and we get so many compliments about what a cool toy it is. Her 4 year old sister loves to unbuckle each side for her, its such a wonderful fine motor toy. She also enjoys zipping it and packing it up with all her toys. The shapes and numbers on the straps are a wonderful teaching tool as well, we quiz our 2 year old to find each shape and number. This toy was a great investment!!!"