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Love it!
"My 18 month old loves buckles (especially buckling her baby sister's car seat) so I searched online and found these toys and she absolutely loves it! It keeps her busy when we are at meetings and in the car"
Amy Schnelle
Best buckle toy because of the amount of buckles!!!!
"My 1 1/2 year old daughter loves the lion buckle bear. It keeps her occupied for hours and she loves to carry it around like a purse. I'm so happy with my purchase of "Benny"!"
Kira Boyle
Benny the Lion is great!
"The buckle toys are the only ones that keep my son's attention for more than 30 seconds! We have 2 now and plan on getting more. "
Julia Geissler
My grandson love his new
"My grandson love his new toys!!"
Suzie Weller
Excellent Toy
"My 22-month old daughter LOVES this toy. I've had a hard time finding something with snaps for her and this works great. It holds her attention and she looks forward to playing with it everyday while we get ready in the morning."
Shameka Barbour
very satisfied
"My granddaughters love to buckle, it's a great toy for learning to buckle different buckles and for color matching. "
Julia Paul
Love it!
"My 18 month old loves buckles (especially buckling her baby sister's car seat) so I searched online and found these toys and she absolutely loves it! It keeps her busy when we are at meetings and in the car."
Amy Schnelle
If your child loves buckles-A must have!!
"My son rarely sits still and he sat for 20 solid minutes playing with it. I hid it and bring it to outings to keep my son entertained and it is so awesome!!"
kelly stovall
If your child loves buckles-A must have!!
"My son rarely sits still and he sat for 20 solid minutes playing with it. I hid it and bring it to outings to keep my son entertained and it is so awesome!!"
kelly stovall
"I bought this before a cross country plane trip. It shipped quickly and arrived just in time. The Buddy Backpack kept my 20 month old occupied for the first 30 minutes of the plane ride and she's asked to do "bubbles" (buckles) at least once a day since then. They are perfect for little fingers and she loved carrying her own things around the airport. Totally worth the money and more!"
Amaznda Keil
"Love the quality and the toys were exactly what we were looking for. My daughter loves them!"
Lindsey Cook
Great toy
"My son loves this toy. I wish I got it for him a little earlier bc he has quickly mastered it (he is 2). He does love it and I like him to play with soft toys in the car so it is perfect!"
Cheryl Irwin
The buckles are perfect for
"The buckles are perfect for my 16 month old and she loves it. It is bigger than expected and holds a few toys as well so it is great in the car and traveling."
Kayla Lefler
Fantastic toy!
"I run a licensed day care and have various ages of children. I have one child who is big into buckles and is always buckling the baby swing and anything else that has buckles. I ordered this toy and two others and the kids loved them! Speaking about this toy specifically, one of my 2-1/2 year olds loves it. I liked that it was more of a small pillow and it is the perfect size for travel/diaper bag. She was able to buckle and unbuckle most of the buckles after awhile, though she told me the red one was tricky lol. She managed to unbuckle and buckle and then cheered "I did it!" None of the kids got bored with buckling and unbuckling the toys. I highly recommend!"
Great toy!
"This has been great for fine motor skills practice! Also hrear(and safe)For car rides! My boys are 18 months and love these toys!"
MEGAN petty
Wonderful toy, wonderful size
"The toy is great and my son (15 months) enjoys playing with it! Size was perfect for what I was looking for-- a small toy that was easy to throw in a diaper bag for travel. It kept him busy on the airplane, but is also great in the car and at home. I love that he enjoys it, but it is also great for building fine motor skills. I would definitely recommend this product! "
Sara Floyd
FUN & Challenging
"My 18 month old is obsessed with buckles. I bought this toy for an airplane ride and it kept her quite entertained. "
Susan Long
My 17 mo old loves
"My 17 mo old loves his buddy bag... "
Alison Manetta
We LOVE Benny
"Benny is my 18 month old sons favorite toy. I would buy it again in a heartbeat. Please keep creating similar toys! 😄"
Allison Clements
Great toy! Love it
"SO cute!! Loved that this was a caterpillar because my daughter already has tons of puppies and bears. This was fun and different for her. It's super colorful and very well made!! I am impressed. I bought this because she loves to play with buckles so this was right up her alley. It keeps her interested longer than any of her other toys. I also like that it helps develop a functional fine motor skill. With this toy, she quickly learned how to buckle and unbuckle several different kinds of buckles (another plus! there are 3 different kinds of buckles as well as a zipper). She loves this thing, I'm happy with my purchase, and may end up buying another Buckle Toy for her in the future. I have already recommended this to friends!"
Worth the Money!
"I always considered getting a toy like this for my older son, but never did. Now, my 2nd child is 21 months old and DRIVES ME NUTS with wanting to buckle every thing that has buckles (and, we have a lot of things around since she has a 3 month old baby sister). So, for the sake of my sanity, I ordered our "buckle bug", as we affectionately call it. SHE LOVES IT. She can't undo buckles yet, but it is SO GREAT to satisfy her need to buckle things and to keep her busy when I am trying to feed her baby sister or cook dinner. The five seconds it takes me to unbuckle it again are totally worth it for how much she enjoys it. Also, we practice the names of colors when we are matching the two sides of the buckles. I highly recommend this to people with toddlers who are in this stage!"
So cool!
"My daughter loves her new toy! She gets up to 20 minutes playing with her turtle. For a child of 16 months that's a long time!"
Flavia Carolyne
Fantastic toy!
"Wonderful toy for little hands. My daughter, 14 months, spends a lot of time playing with it. She is focused all the time and her hands and mind are busy, busy, busy. Love it!"
Amy H
Great learning and entertainment toy for toddler
"Love this toy. I got this toy because my son was always playing with the buckles in the high chair or car seat. My 2 year old is so entertained by the buckles and numbers and shapes. Admittedly, it's a great toy to distract him long enough for me to make dinner and feed the baby :) It's soft enough to use as a pillow too. The square is great and we have the backpack as well. Great learning toy for the kiddos and convenient for parents who need to keep little ones occupied for a little while."
Keeps them busy without getting bored!
"My little 18 month old loves this toy! She loves buckling all the clips, un-zipping and zipping the zipper, and do it over and over again. There are so many clips that it keeps her busy for a while. We love taking this toy on long car trips as this keeps her engaged for a while and she doesn't get bored with it fast. Recommend for any baby who loves to clip and un-clip!"
My kids (age 2) love this! It's perfect for diaper changing time
"My kids (age 2) love this! It's perfect for diaper changing time! Keeps them busy and not squirming around! They haven't quite mastered the buckles yet, but they try. They like to point out the colors and the shapes on the feet."
"I'm not sure who was more excited about this toy, myself of the children at daycare. I run a daycare and thought this would be a great addition. Well I was not wrong. THE CHILDREN LOVED IT. They loved it so much we had to set a timer so that everyone could get a turn. We work with 1-2 year old and definitely a toy I would recommend to parents. This is an all the time toy, that children can carry when in the car, when at the store and it will keep them engaged."
Maria H
Bought this for a 5 hour car trip
"Bought this for a 5 hour car trip for my 20 month old. It definitely kept him occupied in the car and at our destination. He can't unbuckle the buckles himself, which is probably a good thing, so we did have to keep unbuckling for him but he loves it and it hasn't lost its novelty yet"
Barney Crab buckle toy is a great pastime for road trips
"With two children under the age of 4, this Barney Crab buckle toy is a great pastime for road trips. As a parent, I love that it helps my 14 month old with her fine motor skills and begins developing the skills needed to dress and undress. Not only are the buckles fun, but the hidden pocket keeps them entertained as well. She loves to hide her pacifier inside! At first, I was surprised it had no sound, but then again there are too many toys on the market with deafening sounds. This toy makes for a relaxing activity for both child and parent. I may have to purchase another Buckle Toy because these two will not share this one for long!"
Kris A
My son can't put it down!
"My son absolutely loves this toy. I bought it because he was already obsessed with buckles. He would sit in front of his car seat, high chair and stroller snapping together the buckles, then waiting for me to undo them so he could do it all over again. But now he has a toy that he can drag all over the place, doing the exact same thing. I love that there are so many of them and of varying types. He is getting plenty of practice on his fine motor skills. Great product. I would definitely recommend."
Kaylie Fitzpatrick