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Buddy Backback
"My 19 month old son absolutely LOVES it!! He doesn't leave the house without it."
Stephanie F.
Love this toy!
"Just gave it to my 22 month old granddaughter and she carries it around with her. She was so proud when she was able to unbuckle for the first time! I bought a second one for my 17 month old granddaughter as well."
Sheryl B.
My Granddaughter loves this toy
"My Granddaughter loves this toy she is 16 months old and can do every buckle and with the same colors. Awesome toy for kids great hands on toy!"
Linda C.
My girls are obsessed with
"My girls are obsessed with their buckle toy! This time I bought for a friend. Great toy. "
rachel l.
"My nephews favorite gift! So cute! He loves buckles!~"
Mona M.
Hours of fun!
"My 18 mo old loves this toy! We went on a long car trip right after she got it and she played with it non stop for hours! We keep it in the car now because it makes the ride go so much smoother and she loves it! "
Lindsey J.
Buster the buckle toy is amazing
"My 2 year old is obsessed with buckling things. We bought him this to keep him content while riding in the car. He loves it! Thank you for the quiet drive!"
Amanda C.
16 month old won’t put
"16 month old won’t put it down!"
Nancy L.
Just what we wanted
"This was the perfect gift for my niece!"
carlo r.
The Bingo Cube has provided
"The Bingo Cube has provided great entertainment for our 14 month old granddaughter."
Jean C.
Lovely gift- hope recipient enjoys it!
"Cannot comment yet-only to say that customer service was wonderful. Would highly recommend!"
Norma R.
Bailey elephant
"we haven't opened it because it's a Christmas gift but I am sure my son will love it. Good quality. Excellent service and shipped right away. We are pleased and will buy again for gift giving!"
Nancy D.
"Suggested by her mother for stocking stuffer. Received extremely fast. Exactly how advertised. Colorful and soft. Can't wait to see my granddaughter with her new buckle toy."
Dawn M.
Awesome company
"Very cool, item is a hit!"
Coby G.
Excellent Customer Service
"Excellent! Needed to change my order AFTER it was placed. Got a quick response and my order was changed with ease. Quick delivery too! "
Rebecca L.
Great for road trips and church
"Occupies my 2 year old for at least a 30 minutes!!! Great for road trips and church."
Amber H
This is a great toy for dexterity and strength
"This is a great toy for dexterity and strength! Keeps my 2 year old busy during church or on long car rides. I would definitely buy this as a gift for friends."
Cute and educational
"This toy is very cute and a fun learning toy. I am very happy with how well it is made."
Plane entertainment!
"This kept my 17 month old entertained for hours on a plane. It holds a few board books as well, very convenient. There are several types of buckles, some easier than others, so there was a learning curve and some challenge!"
5.0 out of 5 starsIf your baby likes to play with buckles they will love this toy
"My one year old loves this toy. He was obsessed with the buckle on his stroller so I got him the whale. And he loves it. His two year old cousin loves it as well. It's also incredibly high quality. Very soft. Beautiful blue color. Vibrant straps. The buckles work well and keep him occupied for a long time. The mouth zips open and can hold more than you think. I suspect he will play with this for a long time."
Perfect Stocking Stuffer
"Cute and simple toy. Will serve as a good lesson in coordination and colorful enough to keep a child's interest for a bit. Perfect size to entertain a child while riding in a car or in a stroller."
Great Toy and Learning Tool
"Provides a solid twenty minutes of entertainment for my one and a half year old. Great for teaching colors, and for the development of fine motor skills. Would highly recommend for all parents."
LOVED it. My busy little toddler enjoyed playing with ...
"Just LOVED it. My busy little toddler enjoyed playing with this on the plane and in lines at Disney! Sturdy, cute and buckles are easy to operate."
Highly recommended!!
"This thing has been a lifesaver! My 18-month old loves buckles. She plays with the ones on her stroller, car seat, and booster seat. We recently flew to visit some family, and I ordered this as something for her to play with on the plane. She loves snapping the different kinds of buckles and likes to point out the eyes, nose, and mouth on the front. She also likes the peek-a-boo flaps on the back. We wouldn't have made the flight without this toy and this is our go-to plaything when Mom and Dad need a couple of minutes of peace. Highly recommended!!"
Sarah Ford
Wonderful toy!
"My daughter loves this toy! I got it for a plane ride across country to have a quiet toy and because she was really into buckles. She enjoyed it on the trip but couldn't really get any of the buckles closed yet. Now at 15 months it's her favorite toy in the car! It's safe since it's so soft and she is able to buckle all of them up now. Really recommend this!"
Great for travel!
"I ordered this toy for my 1 1/2 year old because we were going to be traveling 8 hours and knew we would need some entertainment. It was perfect for travel as it is easy and lightweight to pack. The sizing of the toy was perfect for my 1 1/2 year old to handle. He absolutely loved it! There are multiple buckles in different vibrant colors, along with lift the flap numbers and animals. It definitely did its job in providing good, educational entertainment. It's great for fine motor skills too! I would highly recommend!"
Kaleigh W
Excellent toy!
"Excellent toy for traveling with toddlers! I purchased this for my 20 month old niece & nephew, & it was a hit. "Bongo" is a great take along size for a carry on & pulling out to entertain toddlers on the plane."
Navy Wife
Our Travel Companion
"Our travel companion everywhere. My 18 month old niece loved to try her hand at the buckle for her highchair, bumbo, etc. So this toy amuses her for quite a long time. It's easier to undo than your traditional highchair buckle (at least ours), and is an educational toy on all accounts. We also have the larger buckle animals (the penguin) and my niece loves that as well. Not as easy to transport in the car seat, grocery store, etc. hence the mini buster!"
Jenny B
Perfect my for my 17 mo old who loves to...
"Perfect my for my 17 mo old who loves to play with the buckles on his car seat! Keeps him entertained and I love the look of satisfaction he gets when the buckle snaps together."
Alda V
"My Granddaughter loved it!"
Debra L.