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Buckle Toys® - The ultimate travel toy for children ages 1-4

Welcome to Buckle Toy®.  We are a company dedicated to creating high-quality, educational toys for toddlers on the go. Each toy is crafted with plush, light-weight materials with safety in the forefront.  Our buckle-themed characters help children develop fine motor skills, hand/eye coordination and color recognition.

Great for long journeys or a simple drive in the car.  Buckle Toys® are sure to entertain your little ones anywhere!  Explore our selection of unique products on the shop page. 

Featured Items

Buddy Backpack

 I’m Backpack Buddy-The Buckle Toy® I’m loved by every girl and boy  I love to carry things for you Put them in, it’s easy to do Slide your arm through, Slip me on To Grandmas’ house you’ll soon be gone Snap the buckles on the way How many did you do today? Features• 12 child-friendly buckles• Shapes...

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