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Buckle Toys® - The ultimate travel toy for children ages 1-4

Welcome to Buckle Toy®.  We are a company dedicated to creating high-quality, educational toys for toddlers on the go. Each toy is crafted with plush, light-weight materials with safety in the forefront.  Our buckle-themed characters help children develop fine motor skills, hand/eye coordination and color recognition.

Great for long journeys or a simple drive in the car.  Buckle Toys® are sure to entertain your little ones anywhere!  Explore our selection of unique products on the shop page. 

Featured Items

Billy Bear Backpack

I’m Billy Bear the Buckle Toy® I’m loved by every girl and boy  You’ve never seen a bear like me Open my belly and you’ll see Look- a button, clock and lace With much to do; let’s have a race My arms were made to hang on you I’ll be your friend and help...

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