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About Us - Mom invented educational toys for toddlers

In 2008 Buckle Toys® creator Jill Gomez noticed her son had a fascination with buckles. At the age of sixteen months Gavin often entertained himself with the buckles on his high chair and stroller.

To capture her sons curiosity further she searched for toys with buckles. Finding none she decided to create her own. She knew other moms had children with the same fascination and would appreciate an educational buckle-themed toy.

Working full-time while trying to create a new product and raise a child was not easy. But after a year of failed prototypes Buster the first buckle toy emerged with a stamp of approval.

Since then the Buckle Toy family of characters has grown along with her own family.

Jill and her husband Seth now run the Buckle Toy business together while raising Gavin and his new sister Gianna.

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