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Bamboo Panda Backpack

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I’m Bamboo Panda the Buckle Toy® 
I’m loved by every girl and boy 

I’m black and white with something new 
Buckles and a laced up shoe 

On my belly sits a clock 
It will click, but it won’t tock 

Strap me on I’ll hold you tight 
We can travel day and night.


  • LIFE SKILLS - Learn with buckles, snaps, button, clock, shoe lace, zipper, magnet, Velcro
  • DEVELOPMENT – Helps toddlers develop fine motor skills, cognitive skills, hand eye coordination, problem solving, how to tell time and tie laces.
  • PRACTICE CLOCK: Embroidered numbers along with plastic hands provide MANUAL time-telling; Clock hands ‘click’ when turned.
  • ENGAGING - Keeps kids occupied anywhere with snapping, clicking, zipping and tying. Great for travel
  • SIZE - 13" x 8" Adjustable straps continue to fit as child grows. Zippered Pouch fits an Ipad mini or tablet up to 8”. Let them feel like a big kid and carry their own blankie, snacks and toys inside.

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